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Advanced Diploma
in Culinary Arts

July 2024 Intake Open

Passion Forward

This 9-month programme is primed for those who envision to work as a chef in 5-star hotels, leading restaurants, or as an entrepreneur.

Full-time Programme Schedule:
Monday - Friday
9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Building the Basics

We teach the building blocks of success in the industry, from knife skills to management and leadership skills.

Foundational Modules:
  •     •  Food hygiene & sanitary
  •     •  Knife skill, cutting technique & identification of ingredients
  •     •  Cost control & menu planning
... and many more

Learn, Make, Repeat

Our curriculum is designed to give students enough hands-on practices to hone their skills.

Our Curriculum:
10% theory
90% hands-on practice
1440 hours of practical training


We nurture a healthy competitive mindset in our students. We enrol in national and international competitions and awards to build their mental strength, capacity and resilience.


This is the ratio of Chef:Students per class, to ensure individual attention is given, and ample time is provided for each student to use and practice with the equipment and kitchen space.

Certified Curriculum

Our courses are certified by City & Guilds London, which is highly regarded worldwide.

Basic Modules
    •  Food Hygiene & Sanitary (theory)
    •  Knife Skill, Cutting Technique & Identification of Ingredients
    •  Principles of Cooking
    •  Vegetables & Potatoes
    •  Stock & Basic Sauces
    •  Basic Soups
    •  Eggs
    •  Fish & Shell Fish
    •  Beef & Poultry
    •  Grain & Pasta
    •  Plated Dessert

Intermediate Modules
    •  Food Preparation & Techniques (theory)
    •  Bread
    •  Buffet & Staff Meals
    •  Complex Sauces
    •  Food Preservation & Vinaigrette

    •  Force Meat & Process Product
    •  Game & Lamb
    •  Indonesian Cuisine
    •  Thai Cuisine
    •  Plated Dessert
    •  Modern French Pastries

Advanced Modules
    •  Cost Control & Menu Planning (theory)
    •  Basic Molecular & Sous Vide
    •  Classic French Cuisine
    •  Fusion Cuisine
    •  Italian Cuisine
    •  Japanese Cuisine
    •  Tapas & Amuse Bush
    •  Savoury Canapes
    •  Ice Cream & Gelato
    •  Progressive Cuisine
    •  Indonesian Sweets and Pastries

Basic Modules
• Food Preparation and Techniques (theory)
• Boulangerie – Preferment Based
• Specialised Viennoiserie
• Japanese French Pastries
• Contemporary French Patisserie
• Bon bon, Ganache, and Confections
• Plated Dessert for Restaurant
• Traditional French Travel cakes
• Chocolate Display and Decoration
• Basic Sugar Display • Cake Designing with Royal Icing

Intermediate Modules
• Food Hygiene and Sanitation (theory)
• Basic Boulangerie
• Laminated Dough and Paste
• Tars, Pies, and Flan
• Biscuit, Cookies, and Macarons
• Traditional Entremets
• Basic Petite Gateau
• Classic French Pastries
• Cafe Style Plated Dessert
• Chocolate and Pralines
• Basic Cake Designing with Fondant

Advanced Modules
• Supervisory Skill and Business Management
• Artisan, Sugar Dough & Levain
• Modern French Patisserie
• Fine Dining Plated Dessert
• Modern French Tarts
• Savoury Canapes for High Tea
• Ice Cream, Sorbet, and Gelato
• Panning, Bean-to-Bar, Marshmallow & Candy
• Chocolate Sculpting and Design
• Celebrating Cake Making and Decorating
• Indonesian Sweets and Pastries

French Inspired

We emulate the French Cuisine, so the use of eggs is mandatory in almost all our recipes.

July 2024 Intake is Open