APCA Indonesia Masterclass Week is coming!

APCA Indonesia’s Masterclass is back!
The pastry and culinary industry are fast paced to follow to the current trends. Every professional chef must stay up to date on the latest skill and knowledge to be able to maintain and upgrade the skill. Hence, APCA Indonesia is now calling for all professional chef, entrepreneur in the pastry and culinary field across Indonesia to join our master class.
The details are as follow:

MOF Chef Jean-Francois Arnaud
Jean Francois Arnaud is an international consultant in Pastry & Bakery since 2006. He is based in Malaysia from where he travels all over Asia and Middle East to conduct training and workshops for professional pastry chefs. He is MOF 2000 which mean the best Craftsman of France. He has been associated with best Pastry chefs and publications of the world like Thuries Gastronomie Magazine for whom he created monthly recipes for 10 years, Bakery & Pastry Magazines Asia & North America. A career which was started in 1977 include working as Executive Pastry chefs in Michelin star restaurants and Hotels. He participated and win numerous awards in artistic pastry, chocolate showpieces and sugar arts. He has participated in salon du chocolat creating chocolate dresses for fashion shows. He has been representing ENSP for their food studio creating sugar souvenirs and sugar jewellery during SIRHA. He came to Malaysia in 2009 and joined Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia which now spread through Asia as Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts.

Chris Salans
It’s in Mozaic that Chef Chris Salans developed and mastered his own style of cuisine – marrying the techniques of Western modern cooking and presentation, with the native ingredients and amazing flavours of Indonesia. Still now after over 13 years of operations, Mozaic Restaurant is regarded as one of the best dining experiences not only in Bali but the whole of Asia and has received numerous accolades including being listed in the Tradition et Qualité ‐ Les Grandes Tables Du Monde, San Pellegrino’s ‘The World’s top 50 restaurants’, Miele Guides ‘Top 10 in Asia’ and World Gourmet Summit 2017 award for “Best Asian Restaurant”

Joaquin Soriano
Master of Petite Gateaux. Co-Founder dari CJSJ. His training as a pastry chef led him to distinguished establishments in his native France. Although he assures that he came to pastry by chance, his competitive mentality has helped him to keep growing and chart his own personal path. In it, his love for children’s aesthetics and Japanese culture are apparent for example. His strawberry tart, the Paris Brest, the babá, Magic, or the frog are some of the creations that have reported the most success and popularity. Although his operations center is in Asia, he undoubtedly ranks as one of the young talents that continue coming out of the French pastry quarry. https://www.sogoodmagazine.com/pastry-chefs/joaquin-soriano/

“The business is evolving so fast and even more so with social networks that it is impossible to master and know everything. Even on the last day of my professional life I will still learn something”  Joaquin Soriano

Frederic Moreau
One of the best viennoiserie craftsman, Chef Frederic Moreau start his career at a very young age, 18 years old. He travelled a lot which makes him has the unique style.
Start his career at local bakery, he moved to US to learn how to speak English, moved to Ritz Carlton Naples, then St. Regis California, and got a chance to move to Japan for a year to work in a pastry shop. He went back to St. Regis California for couple years, decided to move to Beijing to work at The Peninsula Hotel.
He said “I have a French background when it comes to techniques. Also, everywhere I’ve worked I learned many techniques, it is also the beauty of travelling.”

For more information about this upcoming masterclass, please contact our representative.

Masterclass Week March 2023
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