APCA Indonesia Master Class - Learn From The Best!

Master class is a teaching program that conducted by the Master in their field. The Master Chef itself chosen by their experience as well as the highest achievements that have been recognized and achieved by them in the international world.

At APCA Indonesia, this program has become an annual agenda that is always held as a form of APCA Indonesia’s concern and seriousness in increasing knowledge and knowledge in the Pastry and Culinary fields for: Professional Chefs, Food Business Owners, R & D, Observers and Interests in the Food Industry, Teachers, Alumni Students as well as General Participants. They all care about professionalism and the highest quality in their field.

The Master Class will be held in July-August, we are invited our founder MOF Chef Jean-Francois Arnaud, Chef Chong Ko Wai, Chef Lawrence Bobo, and more to come. Here is the following details about our Master Classes:

Get 30% discount if you are member of any chef alliances, APCA Indonesia alumni, Chef Instructor/Lecture, and if you take two classess.

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Master Class Seasons 2022