MOF Chef Jean-Francois Arnaud

After seeing the enthusiasm of professional chefs and entrepreneurs, we decided to invite chefs back to Indonesia to teach advanced techniques again at APCA Indonesia. This time the MOF Chef Jean-Francois Arnaud brought 15 recipes consisting of 6 Entremets, 6 Petite Gateaux, and 3 Gateaux de Voyage. Register yourself now! Only for 12 participants.

Class details:

Upgrade your skill and renew your recipe under direct mentorship by MOF Chef Jean Francois Arnaud himself. The class will run for three days, from 18-20 July 2022. Here is the class details:


  • Orange Plaisir; orange and ginger main flavours, milk chocolate creamy inside, and orange Macaron on top, sesame sable.
  • Equinoxe; Milk chocolate mousse with moist dacquoise, and citrus jelly.
  • Grand Duc; Almond and hazelnut praline light mousse, with creamy coffee and vanilla cream.
  • Reunion Cake; Dark chocolate mousse with raspberry “air”, raspberry jelly, and whipped ganache on top.
  • Boreal; Light banana mouse with almond sponge and chocolate mousse.
  • Snow Queen; Yogurt and lime mousse, yogurt sponge, and mango jelly.

Petits Gateaux:

  • Cherie; Vanilla mousse with creamy chocolate candied cherries and cherry jelly.
  • Red Pomelo; Grapefruit light mousse, red fruit confit and madeleine sponge.
  • Sunny Mango; Hazelnut dacquoise, whip ganache, fresh mango dices and creamy mango.
  • Passion Fruit Bubble; Passion fruit chiboust cream, rum baba, and coconut mousse.
  • Sunlight; Mandarin strawberry jelly, mandarin yuzu mousse, butter cake sponge.
  • Pineapple Cheese Cake; Bake cheese cake with lime whipped ganache and half candied pineapple.

Gateaux de Voyage:

  • Banana Choco; Chocolate travel cake with hazelnut, flame bananas, and creamy chocolate.
  • Pineapple Mascotte; Vanilla sable casing, pineapple stew, and almond dacquoise.
  • Croquembouche; Nougatine and choux presentation, caramel cream in choux pastry, sesame nougatine, and pulled sugar.

The price is USD 1000 (we are using IDR 14.000 rate). Get 30% discount if you are; Chef Instructors, Chef alliance member, APCA Indonesia alumni or take another master classes.

Modern French Pastry Master Class 18-20 July 2022