APCA Indonesia short course is back!!

If you see on social media; Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, there’s a lot of pastry products which is interesting and make you droll. Did you know, people will always be looking for a new pastries trend? And it’s different from year to year!

There are a few things that makes people always looking for pastries:

  1. Fun
    A pastry product should be fun from all aspects such as shape, appearance, ingredients and of course taste which makes whoever eat it, wants more and more.

  2. Eye-catchy

    Nowadays, social media is a place for you to share everything! Food is one of them. People love an eye-catchy pastry for them to show on their social media. Even it’s only shown on their gadget screens, but can makes you drooling and wants it right now.

  3. Trendy and Limited

    Now, everything is fast changingsame as pastries; recipe and ingredients might be same year to year, but design, shape and decoration should be updated, limited and following the trends.

  4. Health and High Quality

    More people more aware about their health, and it makes them should be consume high quality ingredients.

In APCA Indonesia, we always focused on those things, how we create a literally high-quality pastry products, and everything we teach to our students are dynamic. Always following the trends, because what we learn yesterday, might not be the same like we learn today.

Do you want to know what APCA Indonesia teach? Spend your holiday with an excellent activity, let’s join to our teens class. You will learn several things, part of APCA Indonesia’s curriculum. Who knows you might be learn fully one day, pursuing your passion to become a great pastry chef in Indonesia, or even in the world on our full-time programs!

APCA Indonesia Short Course