Academy of Pastry Arts is an esteemed group of professional pastry & culinary school in Asia. Our journey started from 2010 with the flagship school in Malaysia, and now growing rapidly including in Indonesia.

The academy uses cutting edge technology, mixed with ingenious technique, specifically designed to teach the art, science and techniques of creating good food and method needed to excel in the food industry.

Alongside that, the batch size is deliberately kept small number, only 12 person per class so that one-on-one attention can be given to the students. Our visiting faculty consist of the largest number of Master Chefs spanning the level of MOF, World Champions, Master Chocolatiers and Master Bakers.

We believe in providing the best tools and equipment that can contribute to our student’s success. Personal instructions and hands-on training from world class chef instructor in a professional environment remains to be our hallmark. We guarantee a through personal attention to each student’s individual career goals from the moment they attend their first class with us to the time they are prepared in top-notch culinary dexterity. We encourage our students to maintain a healthy network with the alumni throughout their career.

Why Academy of Pastry & Culinary Arts Indonesia?

  • School of International reputation with centers in 5 country in Asia
  • 1:12 ratio of Chef vs Student per class
  • Complete hands-on training. Each student will have to make their own products.
  • 40 hours training per week.
  • A total 1440 hours of practical training in 9 months program.
  • Award winning Chef, represented both National and International competition.
  • Visit by international faculty from Malaysia on regular basis.
  • Internships with leading big brands hotel in Jakarta
  • Job placements is provided with Five Star Hotel or Fine dining restaurants and bakeries.
  • Only 9 months for Advance Diploma Students.


We are committed in training students to become the best in the industry.

We build a strong foundation for aspiring chefs and invigorate industry practitioners with continuing study programs

that help both in achieving excellence in their chosen fields of expertise.

Core Value

Our Facilities

Hot Kitchen 1
Hot Kitchen 2
Bakery Class
Master Kitchen
Chocolate Room
Gelato Class
Oven Room


  • (Un des Milleurs Ouvriers de France en Patisserie 2000).
  • Director of Pastry for the Academy Pastry and Culinary Arts Malaysia.
  • (Executive Pastry Chef)
  • Founder of the Academy Pastry and Culinary Arts Group.
  • More than 20 years experience with various award winning.
  • (Director and Executive Pastry Chef of APCA Indonesia).
  • Indonesian Chocolatier Expert.
  • More than 20years experience with various award winning both National and International

(Assistant Pastry Chef)

  • Worked in several countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Representing Indonesia for Asian Pastry Cup; Ice Cream and Ice Carving.

(Assistant Pastry Chef)

  • Sugar Artist
  • Chocolate Specialty
  • Gold Medal in Indonesia Pastry Cup 2019.
  • Representing Indonesia for Asian Pastry Cup; Chocolate Showpiece.

(Assisstant Pastry Chef)

  • Worked in France
  • Former Head Pastry Chef of Japan’s pastry chain in Indonesia
  • Speciality in Traditional and Modern French Pastry
  • Bronze Medal for Plated Dessert, SIAL Interfood 2019
  • Silver Medal for Chocolate Categories, Salon Culinaire UK 2021

(Sous Chef)

  • Worked overseas in several countries, such as Malaysia, South Korea and Australia.
  • Specialist in Modern European Cuisine.
    Bronze Medal for Meat/Poultry in Salon Culinaire Malaysia 2019.
  • Silver Medal for Seafood Challenge in SIAL Interfood 2019.

(Sous Chef)

  • Worked in Malaysia and Indonesia (Restaurant Manager).
  • Professional Chef Instructor.
  • Specialty in Western and Asian Cuisine.
  • Silver Medal for Sate Nusantara Challenge in SIAL Interfood 2019.

Chief Baker

  • Worked overseas in Asia and Europe
  • Specialty in European Bread
  • Bronze medal award for breakfast and showpiece bread by WACS ( world association of chefs societies ) 2015.
  • Appreciation salon culinary Bali by Lotus food service and world chef Indonesia. 2016

APCA Indonesia Chef and Student Achievements

In only one year, APCA Indonesia has reached several medals:

  • Gold Medal in Indonesia Pastry Cup 2019 (Chef Christian Dewabrata)
  • Bronze Medal in Salon Culinaire 2019, Embassy Chocolate Showpiece (Pastry Student Putri Roos)
  • Bronze Medal in Food Hotel Malaysia 2019, Meat/Poultry Main Course-Western Cuisine (Chef Andy Ramadhan)
  • Bronze Medal in SIAL Interfood 2019, French Pastry & Chocolate Showpiece (Pastry Student Putri Roos and Maria Marista)
  • Silver Medal in SIAL Interfood 2019, Sate Nusantara (Chef Raymond Permana)
  • Bronze Medal in SIAL Interfood 2019, Sweet Bread Display (Pastry Student Novillya Mellinda)
  • Bronze Medal in SIAL Interfood 2019, Christmas Cookies Display (Pastry Student Febe Parlie)
  • Silver Medal in SIAL Interfood 2019, Kikkoman Seafood Challenge (Chef Andy Ramadhan)
  • Silver Medal in SIAL Interfood 2019, Viennoiserie Display (Pastry Student Ivander Harrison)
  • Bronze Medal in SIAL Interfood 2019, Baker Chef Challenge (Chef Caesar Andry).
  • Silver Medal in International Salon Culinaire, London 2021 (Chef Lizzie Halim).
  • Bronze Medal in International Salon Culinaire, London (Chef Andy Ramadhan and Chef Raymond Permana)

Chef Christian Dewabrata and Chef Caesar Andry will be the representative from Indonesia to Asia Pastry Cup which will be held in Singapore on 2021. Let’s wish them good luck!


The Flavor Bliss, Unit FB2 No.19-20
Jl. Alam Sutera Boulevard, Pakulonan, Serpong Utara
Tangerang Selatan, Banten, 15325, Indonesia.

Phone : +6221-2531 9064 // +6221-2958 6764
+62-811 825 6168

Email : //

Instagram : @apca_indonesia

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